The 2015 Romax Global Forum Series kicks off in Paris

Building on the success of the work we created for the 2014 Darmstadt conference we have just completed the branding and support materials for the 2015 Romax Global Conference series.

Romax Global Forum Brand_Paris

The brief required a brand that adhered to the Romax guidelines but one that worked for a global audience in terms of format translation as this time the conferences were held in Europe, America, China, Japan and Korea. The solution we provided works perfectly and more pleasing for us was the feedback from our client who told us the branding was well received by the delegates in attendance.

The completed branding was rolled out across invites, e-comms, pull-up displays, brochures and presentations.

The client commented: "This is a significant event on our company calendar and one where many of our important clients gather to hear our latest developments and share experiences. Creative62 assisted us throughout the whole process, understood our requirements well and responded quickly to our needs. We were really pleased with the final results."

The Romax Paris Forum Delegates