Alex’s First Pitch

Creative62 has been involved in more than a few creative pitches since we were formed in 2007. Most of these have been entertained more through necessity than choice. Like many agency owners I strongly believe a pitch isn’t the best way for a client to seek out the right creative partner for its business and certainly not one that will forge a successful long-term partnership with them. Although you get a couple (if not more) of creative agencies to present their ideas to you, you do not get to know them. A creative relationship has as much to do with how you work with them on a day-to-day basis as it does the solutions provided creative output. 

When you consider that most clients have not managed a pitch before we ask, is this good practice? In far too many instances the right agency for the clients’ long-term needs isn’t the one who wins the job: ultimately the client is the one who suffers.

Another negative issue with pitches is all too often the creative work that isn’t chosen is lost; never seen by the clients’ customers. All the hard work, creative input, presentation boards and rationale documents are thrown away. 

Creative62 has a policy for declining pitches. However, we openly admit that all opportunities are judged on their own merits and looked at from a commercial perspective. When we choose to join the fray, we do it with our eyes wide open.

We recently pitched for a local, well known market leading spa. We did so because we were introduced to the client and had already done an introductory job for them as a sort of test to prove we knew our stuff.

On this occasion, we were unsuccessful. But unlike other pitches I decided this time I would share the work we created. An influencing reason for this is because it was our longest serving designers first pitch and in recognition I wish to comment on the way Alex Metcalfe approached it and the results achieved. As one of the directors, I feel her hard work deserves comment.

Alex was tasked to handle the pitch from start to finish; in effect, she was the boss. We gave her the responsibility to schedule, manage and oversee all aspects within the studio. She oversaw the project from the initial brief discussion through to finalisation. In effect, she could do whatever she thought appropriate.

We all recall the times we were given ‘real’ responsibility or the opportunity to lead. These are the times you have earned the trust and respect of your colleagues. Alex had to push the boundaries of her comfort zone and apply herself very differently to how she had done before. What really matters is what she learned from it, the good and bad points, the areas where she can improve.

I am pleased we are sharing Alex’s ideas. In my opinion, she did a commendable job and directed creative that would have resonated strongly with the spa’s customers, their targeted audiences and certainly fulfilled their marketing objectives. Alex’s efforts have not been wasted as you can view the three concepts below. 

Alex’s comments on the project

Having the opportunity to work on the pitch for such a well-known and highly regarded spa was really exciting. As a spa-user, I really felt this was a project I could definitely add value to as I see myself as the target market and exactly the type of potential customer that Ragdale Hall should be attracting.

The pitch involved putting together a comprehensive presentation document that included new logo concepts to meet the client brief, but also gave options on the direction we perceive Ragdale Hall should be going. Our suggestion also suggested overhauling the way in which the brochures work to make them much more user-friendly. 

Although a little daunting at first, heading up the project was a really enjoyable experience and I was very pleased with the concepts the Creative62 team put together. I’m now looking forward to managing the next creative project.

Concept one: Evolved brand and revised brochure

Ragdale_Creative_Brand work_1

Ragdale_Creative_Brand work_2

Concept two: New brand and revised brochure

Ragdale_Creative_Brand work_3

Ragdale_Creative_Brand work_4

Concept three: New brand and revised brochure

Ragdale_Creative_Brand work_5

Ragdale_Creative_Brand work_6