Brand Glue

How sticky is your business?

Brand: When it’s good it can make you. When it’s poor it can break you (spectacularly). We all know that in our fast-paced, high-tech world, grabbing and maintaining your customer’s attention is essential for good business and that the strength of your brand will support this. But what about ‘brand glue’? What is it, how does it work and most importantly – how do you make it stick?

Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Leicester-based agency Creative62, talks us through the brand glue concept.

What is brand glue?

Brand glue is a term we coined to explain to our clients how to best look at and consider the brand. Realising and seeing a brand as individual actions, and how each action behaves and reacts in the environment. But, more importantly, how you control your brand; how do actions interact and what should you do next – are you joining the dots. This methodology helps ambitious business owners plan brand activities and get the greatest return on investment.

Your logo is just the beginning.

A great business presence starts with a logo. Not just any logo – if you get this wrong you’ll miss the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and turn off customers from the get-go. Think about how many times your logo will be seen in the life-cycle of your business; every web impression, email, brochure, business card and social media post. Stop thinking of your logo as an expense and start thinking of it as a long-term investment.

Who’s controlling your ‘thirds’?

Conceptually, split the control of your brand into three segments.

Each third will impact your brand, so make sure that you take the lead in each scenario:

1. Your control

This is how you represent your brand visually and the words that you choose – the quality of your artwork, marketing, style and tone of voice. Clear brand guidelines are essential – are these clear and easy to reach, for you and your colleagues?

2. The customer’s control

Would your customers recommend you? Collect testimonials and case studies, encourage social posts and online reviews. Make sure that you give customers high-quality content that they’ll be excited to share. A loyal and engaged customer base is your biggest brand champion.

3. The general environment

No matter what you do, your brand will be visible and noticeable. Your staff, their clothing, display boards, promotional materials and event presence will carry your business message. Is this message clear, consistent and credible? And whilst we’re on the subject of staff…

Service with a smile?

Is your workforce engaged and onboard with your brand? From the receptionist to MD, attitude and impressions count. A negative encounter with a member of your staff can seriously damage your brand. Take the time to train, educate and inspire your workforce and make sure that they feel valued as a brand ambassador.

Don’t come unstuck

Brand glue is the foundation of every successful business. A brand is not something that you do once and then put on the shelf, it should be on the agenda all the time. Brand glue is a way of approaching the brand environment, it focuses you on what is happening and how it should be connected. This way, your brand journey will be sound.


If you’re ready to develop your business brand, Creative62 are ready to help. Contact Mark today on 07786 916381 or email mark@creative62.com.

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