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3 Important things every marketer should remember during the pandemic

Have you noticed the reactions to the Coronavirus seem to come in waves?

First, we had the scramble to get our responses out. Then a lull as we took time to digest and think through the implications for our loved ones and businesses. And now we reach the most crucial phase: reflection, re-adjustment and planning. Because we will come through this. And we need to be READY.

Lockdown shouldn’t mean shutdown.

These are unprecedented times, we have the majority of employees in UK businesses working from home and most have never experienced this. Your content can help them to stay focused by offering some positive distraction, something interesting or even educational. Above all, you must stay focused on your brand – and your customers. They still need you and your services and are waiting for you to offer solutions to our current situation. Here are three things to remember in the coming weeks:

1. Switch-up your event presence

Many of you will have had trade shows, conferences and exhibitions in your diary which have been cancelled. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your business and meet your customers. Reallocate the budget you would have spent on sponsorship, stand fees, collateral, travel and expenses on some brilliant, engaging online content. Offer a virtual event or an online exhibition. Make sure that your customers know that you’re still interested in their business. It’s essential to keep the lines of communication open. If you stop engaging customers now, you can bet your competitor will be ready to step into your shoes.

2. Reinvigorate your content marketing

This is a chance to shine online. Social media is a lifeline for us all right now, make sure your customers feel valued, understood and invested in, with bright bold visuals, engaging campaigns, clear messaging and helpful goods and services. Be aware of the raft of COVID-19 content going out at the moment – and the potential for ‘Corona-fatigue’ to set in. How can you make sure that your messaging cuts through to help you stand out from the crowd? How you respond to the current climate will speak volumes about your brand – see this as an opportunity to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

3. Think ahead. Stay ahead

The situation we find ourselves in at the moment will pass. When this time comes, do you want to be starting your marketing from scratch? Or do you want to be leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors? We’ve actually got a golden opportunity now to nurture client relationships, to follow-up leads, generate new ones, and find out what makes customers tick. Make #PositiveMentalAttitude and #EyesOnJuly your new mantras. Don’t let the Coronavirus deter you from investing in and promoting your brand. Because it’s more important than ever.

If you’re looking for vibrant visuals, help with messaging, or ways to elevate your brand online, that’s exactly what we’re here for.  Talk to Creative62

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