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It’s business as usual for Creative62

It’s business as usual for Creative62

Creative is who we are. It’s what we do. And it’s time for some serious creative thinking.

Here’s how we’re adapting to the current Coronavirus situation:

  • Are we ready for the lockdown? Absolutely. We’ll be offering a seamless service. Fortunately, we work in an industry where everything is created digitally, so all work – from print to digital – will be maintained. Inevitably we’ll be working from home for the time being, but you can reach us as normal on 0116 275 2831
  • We’re moving to online communication for our meetings to safeguard customers, suppliers and associates who may be vulnerable. Want the good news? This means less travel time, so we’ll be even more productive. If we have a meeting planned with you we’ll be in touch to discuss options
  • We’re 100% committed to keeping to schedule. If you’re facing issues within your sector, we’ll do everything we can to adapt to meet your requirements.

We’re rolling up our sleeves in true Creative62 style. We realise there are immediate challenges ahead for us all, but together we will adapt. Let’s keep our channels of communication open and support each other in the weeks to come. We’ve got this.

Call us with any questions, concerns, or opportunities.

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