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Nachural Awards Finalists 2019

The Nachural Business Awards is in its 3rdyear in Leicester and has been running awards events for over 7 years. With a turnout of 500 guests in 2018, the event recognises local businesses but also brings together East and West Midlands businesses. The opportunity is one of a kind and this year Creative62 are one of the proud nominees for Promoting Apprenticeships in The Workplace.

Out of hundreds of nominations we are one of the 4 finalists for the category and will be attending the elite event on the 27thof September. As triple awards finalists, this particular award is to celebrate the next generation of creative minds. More specifically- Lauren!

Shaping Creativity for the next generation

Many companies, some much larger than ours, shy away from taking on apprenticeships, but we knew it was something we wanted to build upon. As a company it has taken us 8 years to establish ourselves and our processes in order to effectively train an apprentice. Creative62’s modest team of 6 were quick to jump to the challenge, understanding the importance that an apprenticeship opportunity could have on a young person’s life. Not just from on-hands experience but building their confidence and skills both inside and outside the office.

Lauren’s Creative62 Journey

A natural creative, Lauren came to us at the age of 16. A shy girl who, although reserved, came with a fresh outlook and a modern perspective. This new generational perspective was something we were eager to grasp and quickly introduced her to existing projects for her opinion. From the outset, her input has been valuable and so far, she hasn’t been wrong in her choices.

From the beginning of her journey with Creative62, we introduced her to our specific creative process. Helping her to understand that creativity needs to be tailored in order to answer, whilst still appropriately challenge, a client’s brief. This started by bringing her into projects and developing her understanding of the complete journey from conception to completion and the way in which we work. However, she also undertook a variety of in-house office tasks. Including taking over responsibility for petty cash- while this may not seem a big deal, we wanted her to understand that not everything is creative in a creative agency and that office functionality is a key component to a successful business.

Lauren has been a model apprentice and is held in high regard by the team and clients. The progress she has made in her time at Creative62 is unbelievable. Initially, we showed Lauren the basics of what we do, how we do it and the results. Getting to know her through this journey we were able to identify her unique skills, develop them and build her confidence.

It takes a certain level of guts to hold your own in a creative brainstorming session. With lots of different thoughts and opinions, it can be an overload of ideas, some more forceful than others. However, Lauren has come to hold her own during these meetings- pitching in thoughtful, inspiring ideas that have added value to every discussion.

Lauren has achieved a level of responsibility that no one else in our agency has at her age, well actually not many people we know her age! There are not many 18-year olds who can say that they have led a team of professionals to produce a winning pitch and the first draft brand ideas for a large company. The client themselves were incredibly impressed with Lauren’s forward-thinking approach. 

Lauren Continued… The journey isn’t over!

Lauren is now putting everything she learnt into practice as she embarks on the next phase of her professional career as a student at Lincoln University. We are still in regular contact and Lauren still has a regular influx of messages from our team on Whatsapp!

The whole team are super proud of Lauren and we are already at looking bringing in another apprentice! Let’s see what the next 12 months bring.

Keep an eye out for all the up to date news about the awards ceremonies! Who we meet, what we learn and if we win!

Just being nominated gives Lauren and the team involved some well-deserved recognition, as everyone has played their role in her development! We don’t want to say we deserve to win… but we kind of do.

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