ValueStaff offers a no frills service to those businesses that either cannot, or do not, want to use one of the bigger national recruitment agencies.

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Due to rapid growth over the previous few years, the original budget identity needed a facelift. Although still a no frills operation, the business needed to present a revised image, one of low cost - but equally serious about what it does. 


"C62 created the original branding for ValueStaff at its launch in July 2009. These were tough economic times and the message was well received by the target audience of clients - ValueStaff simply cost less than its competitors but could supply workers of the same calibre. Business thrived, and less than five years after launch enjoyed sales in excess of £2m. Now well established, the business has refreshed the brand to move it to the next level. Adding emotion and personality to the brand was, I felt, a bit of a risk but Creative62 worked hard to convince the team and I that it would be a success. We took a leap of faith and ran with it and it's been massively well received.

Creative62 are a team that gets under the skin of what we do. They listen and then innovate to produce great results. Everyone's happy."