LinkedIn campaigns for services

Cinderella Support Services, Sheffield.

The situation.

Like most SMEs Cinderella are busy fulfilling their contractual duties. Although a basic brand was in place, additional marketing wasn’t. Time didn’t allow them to focus on online content to support their efforts. Our task was simple; highlight existing content in the business and do something with it.

The action

We’ve set-up a process to generate conversation online with a relevant audience. We’ve also expanded the marketing activity so that key content is shared, to reach new prospects and make clients more aware of the service offering. The result is better engagement and increased website traffic.


47% increase in website users


39% increase in website sessions


26% increase in LinkedIn content

What the client had to say...

“I would definitely recommend Creative62. We gave them time and as much information we could from day one. We also remembered to share day-to-day conversation that effected the activities they were looking after. Good communication is essential, by doing this the partnership has achieved results.”


“Online activity is great for clients. They go from nothing to seeing a return on investment almost immediately.”