We don't have to be asked twice to create a logo for a new vodka brand

Lighthouse Vodka

Local heritage played its part on this job…

Sometimes, a project comes along that really grabs your attention. We were referred to Lighthouse Vodka, they needed help developing a logo, label and input on getting the brand underway. As you can imagine we jumped at the chance to be involved.

Shots all round to celebrate success!

This turned out to be a fantastic project to be involved in. The client was onboard from the start and through their own social network shared the final design. It got a thumbs up from their followers and audience.

What the client had to say...

“Since the launch our sales are going well. We are already selling through a dozen outlets and are about to begin production of our third batch. The popularity has resulted in an increase in our social media followers online and to our surprise an enquiry from the USA regarding exports. We couldn’t be happier”


“Creating the brand identity for an artisan vodka producer was fantastic. The bottle design process was an exciting challenge and we can’t wait to work with Lighthouse on their next adventure!”