Breathing new life into a market leading brand

Scalemaster Limited, Water Treatment Products

A formula for success.

Having worked with Scalemaster for over ten years, it’s fair to say we’ve built a level of trust and understanding that allows us to get stuck into a project quickly and focus on the delivering the results the client has become accustomed too.

Taking client input to the next level.

Developing the packaging artwork for Scalemaster’s flagship range of water treatment chemicals was a great project. The client had some great ideas to bring to the table and a clear goal that these finished products should be stand out on busy shelves at plumbing supply outlets.

Flexibility is the key to success.

After exploring different designs options, we developed a flexible layout that allows for continuity across varying products. It is also the first time that Scalemaster has rolled out it’s products into a pressurised canister, so a development os the existing brand was required to emphasise these professional products.

What the client had to say...

“When we decided to look at redesigning our 20 year-old artwork, Creative62 came up with a number of solutions. A brand new look and feel was developed, which we now use on all our product labelling and literature, as well as our website.

This new look has re-energised the Scalemaster brand and received positive comments from staff and customers alike. Thanks to the team at Creative62.”


“Creating the brand identity for an artisan vodka producer was fantastic. The bottle design process was an exciting challenge and we can’t wait to work with Lighthouse on their next adventure!”