Time to Rebrand?

So, the big question is, would your company benefit from a rebrand?

You will find a lot of information online about rebranding. There are so many articles that consist of the top five reasons, the top 10 questions, points or considerations etc. By searching you may get information overload, even go off the whole idea. But, can I suggest you ask yourself these three simple questions;

1. Can you clearly define why you want to rebrand?
2. What do you think needs to change?
3. Looking at the business now, why would a new brand be of benefit?

So, answering the above questions will set some foundation for the reasons for rebranding and suggest some direction to move forward.

Let’s look at some of the real benefits of rebranding your business.

1. How does rebranding affect your audience?

A rebrand is a great way to connect with prospects and also re-engage with current customers. The activity of rebranding gives you a chance to state you are changing, you’re older and wiser, newer, better, or just growing and evolving. By having a clear plan and a launch campaign you will grab the attention of prospects not on your radar.

2. How does rebranding affect you and your competition?

Your business will now be older; you are indeed wiser. So, a rebrand has one primary benefit; it immediately allows you to review and present a better image for your business. And, this, in turn, tells your potential customers you are different or better than the competition. Your marketplace, prospects and current clients will all see you differently and for the better.

3. Why is being relevant so crucial to your business?

It is a guarantee that as your business grows and you get busier, other business actions take priority over your brand. It can become less of a priority for some companies. There are more important things to think about, right? When this happens, there is a good chance your marketplace will start to see you as less relevant. Just imagine what this can do to your profile, image and access to a market. We’ve all seen and worked with businesses whose brands appear a little tired, old, out of date or not particularly right for what they stand for or, sell. So a vital benefit of a rebrand at the right time is to push the business forward visually making the brand more relevant.

4. Could you look better in your marketplace?

Change is good. What a fantastic opportunity, to take a hard look at the business you have today and review how you look to your marketplace. To have a brand image that genuinely says this is what we are, this is what we do, and this is where we came from. And, to show off the reputation you have. Is that not something you would like to have? You can evolve your image and include all the best bits. And then promote to a more significant customer base.

5. Do you want more sales and profit?

A refresh, a tweak, call it what you like, a rebrand will have direct benefits for your business. It will have a positive impact on your marketplace. One of the great things that can happen is the positive effect on your company internally. Your associates and suppliers will be interested. You will also find your employees become more engaged and confident. Most importantly you will see a better you! Is this not something you would like to achieve.

So, the above are some real benefits of rebranding. What more could we add to this?

What about a testimonial from a client that considered rebranding. What did they get from it?

Cross Productions is the parent company to Leicester’s most recognised and trusted business magazine Niche.

Launched five years ago and initially set up as an independent publishing house, the company has grown considerably during its lifetime. Taking pride in working with each client to ensure they maximise any exposure and spend allocated to Niche Magazine, the business development team found they were committing a considerable amount of time talking to clients about how to optimise the exposure and generate a much higher ROI on their spend. Often being asked for further advice on other aspects as well as their marketing activity, Cross Productions has naturally progressed into a consultancy provider specialising in strategic marketing, planning, and implementation.

With all the exciting changes happening, MD Jenny Cross decided it was time to refresh their look. Jenny approached local design company Creative 62 to pitch for the contract. Here’s what Jenny had to say:

“The company has grown up, we are working with so many clients and offering excellent support to different businesses, yet still people know us as Niche. Leicester has a lot to offer and companies based right here in our city work on a national or even global scale.

“Niche, being Leicester’s leading business publication, has a great reputation but the magazine is just one asset of its parent company Cross Production. The business community in Leicester knows Niche very well; it’s Leicester’s leading business bi-monthly print publication. But not many link Niche with Cross Productions, the magazine’s parent company that has outgrown its little-known reputation for providing high-quality marketing, social media, training, coaching, photo-shoots, corporate social responsibility and events, as well as its original publishing services. We’re hoping to change this with a rebrand that we will be teasing over the next couple of months with a big reveal in this year’s last issue of Niche Magazine.”

“Mark understood immediately what we were looking for and what we needed to do to achieve our goals. The rebrand is such a big thing for us, and so it’s imperative we get it right. Creative62 supply artwork for a number of our current clients and we have always been impressed with their efficiency and fresh approach, so it felt quite natural to want to work with them.”

“Any creative will understand that often – when you’re busy doing what you do best day in, day out – you can underestimate yourselves when tasked with a rebrand. Having fresh eyes looking at our business was great as it opened our own eyes to so much more. Creative62 went above and beyond to present their ideas. I was keen to involve my whole team in this process as each mounter of the team plays such a vital role in the business and its ongoing success. The process was straightforward and simple over the next couple of weeks as they backed up all their ideas on email for us to review later. Our new logo, website, and adverts they put together were based on the modern approach Cross Productions takes and presents to our audience that we are a colourful team of professionals.”

So, the big question is, should your company rebrand?

If the answer is yes give Creative62 a call on 0116 275 2831 and we can get started.

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