Wanted: Your Photos of Lockdown in Leicestershire

When the world slowed down, how did you respond?

Could you show your experience with a single photograph?

Inside Stories is a unique exhibition that will bring together 24 compelling photographs captured by residents across the county during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The large-scale images will reveal a glimpse into Leicestershire’s hidden lockdown moments – the personal pains, small wins and revelations that marked out this unique moment in time.

The exhibition will take place later this year at Winstanley House, providing an essential talking point and a chance to reflect on an unprecedented time which saw Leicestershire living through history.

You’re invited to take part.

We want to see your photos.

It’s free to take part and is open to everyone, here’s what you need to know:

  • Photographs must represent life in lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • You can represent this theme however you choose – your photo is personal to you, this is about your experience
  • Just one photo per person is allowed
  • You can use your smartphone, camera or iPad to take the photo
  • Use the HD setting where possible
  • Landscape or portrait is fine
  • Your image can be in colour or black and white
  • Include a caption – 10 words max
  • Include a brief description of what lockdown has meant for you and how your photograph represents your experience – 80 words max
  • Contact for a submission form

We can’t wait to see your photos. Inside Stories is a perfect opportunity to share our experiences of life in lockdown, and will serve as a valuable public archive for future generations.

Deadline for submission is Friday 29 May 2020

Inside Stories is a joint initiative by Creative62, Pete Martin Photography, Sarah Heeley Communications, and Swithland Events.

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